How To Migrate\Refresh Repository Database From PROD\High To DEV\Low Environments In SmartReporting?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting


    BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1



    • Migrate the PROD database for Remedy and Smart Reporting to QA database.
    • The Smart Reporting configuration table contains information about the data source for production.
    • The multi-tenant clients data sources of QA environment are pointing to production.




      Verify ReportViewSource and ReportViewSourceParameter tables in Smart Reporting Repository Database: 
    • There are two Database tables which contains the host name entry :  ReportViewSource and ReportViewSourceParameter
     select * from ReportViewSource
    • This will return the data source information , note that this may contain more than one value, in case on-boarding is executed more than once.
    • However, it depends onto the IpOrg column value. One can get the currently used Organization (Client Organization).
    • Also note the SourceID which is required in subsequent table update 
    Update ReportViewSource set DatabaseURL = 'jdbc:arserver://clm-pun-015622:0;refreshCache=10;DateTimeFormat=MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a;DateFormat=yyyy-MM-dd;' where IpOrg = 12013
    select * from ReportViewSourceParameter
    • This will return the SourceID value, select the source id for the currently used organisation 
    update ReportViewSourceParameter set ParameterValue = 'clm-pun-015622' where SourceId = 59005 and ParameterKey = 'HOSTNAME'
    [Run the update queries for the single record [IpOrg] first and once you confirm on update from UI console, proceed with full update ] 
    1. Stop the reporting services
    3. Run the above mentioned update commands by selecting the current values
    5. Start the reporting services
    7. Login to  Smart Reporting server and check the AR Connection details


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