SMART IT - ( - SocialEventManager ERROR - IOException for event GUID AGHAA5V0GEP61ANW8QGVB6IOC0HC4I : Connection refused: connect

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT 1.2


    BMC Remedy with Smart IT



    SocialCloudWorkerThread entries in arjavaplugin.log

    LP: BMC Remedy with Smart IT 1.2.00
    DR: BMC Remedy with Smart IT 1.2 1.2.00
    ITSM 8.1.01

    Our production ITSM environment where we recently installed Smart-IT:
    The arjavaplugin.log is full with entries about the SocialCloudWorkerThread (this is the case on each of our 4 ARServers in the server group).

    "SocialCloud" sounds like it may have something to do with Smart-IT.

    Currently, the Smart-IT service (in the Windows Services list) on the Smart-IT server is turned off (simply because we don't want anybody to use it yet). Could this cause these errors to be generated on the ARServers in the arjavaplugin.log?

    This error is not causing any issues, aside from the arjavaplugin.log becoming huge.




    Admin needs to Correct the "Host Name" value in the "SHR:SHR_KeyStore" form.

    The value on their system was http://servername:9000. This was correct right after finishing the Smart IT installation, but when they enabled HTTPS on port 443 and disabled HTTP on port 9000, so this value was no longer correct.

    After correcting the Host Name in the "SHR:SHR_KeyStore" form restart Smart-IT services resolved the problem.

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