Data Management Tool Workbooks for ITSM 7.5.01

Version 15
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    The Data Management Tool Workbooks for BSM Enablement contains the Data Management Tool (DMT) Workbooks used in ITSM 7.5.01. The workbooks have a complete set of sample data already filled in to allow you to quickly install best practice data as well as sandbox examples of incidents, problems, changes and other data enabled by the DMT. This includes the most up-to-date Calbro Services data to include:


    • Foundation data such as Locations, Support Groups, and People.
    • Process Setup data such as templates and rules.
    • Transaction Data such as Incidents, Problems, and Changes.



    The intended audience are Solution Consultants, Partners, Managed Services and Customers to assist with Demonstrations, Proof of Concepts (POCs) and Out-of-the-Box (OOB) Installations.



    To use these instructions, you should have a basic working knowledge of the Data Load Console component of the Data Management Tool (DMT) and Microsoft Excel, both of which require a Microsoft Windows-based client.


    The package & Quick Start Card are attached.


    NOTE: The package contains only the SEED DATA and is NOT REQUIRED. Attached for reference only.



    ApplicationVersionPatch Level
    BMC Remedy AR System7.5.00Patch 1
    BMC Atrium CMDB7.5.00Patch 1
    BMC Remedy Change Management7.5.01No patch
    BMC Remedy Asset Management7.5.01No patch
    BMC Remedy Service Desk7.5.01No patch


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