BRPD - Simple XCOPY custom action throws error: DISPATCH_RETURN_CODE:4

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    BMC Release Lifecycle Management


    BMC Release Lifecycle Management



    BRPD - Simple XCOPY custom action throws error: DISPATCH_RETURN_CODE:4

    LP: BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.4.01
    DR: BMC VaraLogix Q Deployment Automation 4.4.00




    Legacy ID:KA416531


    Error log:
    14:19:53 D:\Deliveries>echo VL_IGNORE_SETS
    14:19:53 VL_IGNORE_SETS
    14:19:53 D:\Deliveries>echo DISPATCH_RETURN_CODE:4
    14:19:53 Invalid drive specification
    14:19:53 Error executing action on remote host

    This DISPATCH_RETURN_CODE:4 is from XCOPY which signifies:
    "Initialization error occurred. There is not enough memory or disk space, or you entered an invalid drive name or invalid syntax on the command line."

    Test the same translated command on target server directly and fix the xcopy error.

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