BRPD - How to enable UI debug logging

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    BMC Release Lifecycle Management



    BRPM - How to enable UI debug logging

    LP: BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.4.00
    DR: BMC VaraLogix Q Deployment Automation 4.4.00





    Legacy ID:KA418807


    BRPM - How to enable UI debug logging
    For most of the issue which can be reproduced at will, this is the first debug step.
    To enable debug in RPD, make the following changes on the RPD UI hosts which runs the apache service:
    1. cd <BRLM_INSTALL_HOME>/releases<your latest release>/RPD/app/config
    2. Edit the core.php file and enable debug:
    Section: CakePHP Debug Level
    Configure::write('debug', 0);
    Configure::write('debug', 2);
    Note that this doesn’t need any restart and hence can be done at runtime.

    Reproduce the issue and capture the logs that show up in the browser.

    To disable, just revert back the changes. Please note that there is restart needed.

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