BRPD - Dispatcher process wont come up

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    BMC Release Lifecycle Management


    BMC Release Lifecycle Management



    VLQ: Dispatcher process wont come up

    LP: BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.3.00
    DR: BMC VaraLogix Q Deployment Automation 4.3.00

    Thu Jun 20 04:30pm — Instance Construction Started
    Thu Jun 20 04:30pm dotcom.jar Unable to connect to host []:

    Issue Summary: Connection Issues with executing packages




    Legacy ID:KA398576

    Check for any running or hung dispatcher process by running the command: 
    ps -ef | grep dispatch 

    If nothing is running then check for any process that are occupying the 50004 port. 
    50004 is the default port for Dispatcher service 

    netstat -anop | grep 50004 

    This will show the process pid/name whish is holding the port. 

    Most likely some of the nsh process hold the port. Kill the pids and then try starting the dispatcher service. 
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