In TSCO, does the Gateway Server/BPA vis parser ETL import process level memory metrics, for example, the BYAPP_MEM_UTIL metric?

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.X, 10.7, 10.5, 10.3, 10.0



    Is it possible to report individual processor level or command level (processes grouped by name) memory consumption in TSCO using the TrueSight Capacity Optimization Gateway Server (formerly BMC Performance Assurance) vis parser ETL?

    Applies To:

    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.X, 10.7, 10.5 10.3, 10.0
    BMC Capacity Optimization 9.5





    The short answer is that the BYAPP_MEM_UTIL is not, and cannot, be imported by the TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Gateway Server/BPA vis parser ETL into TSCO.

    For BMC Capacity Optimization version 9.5.02 the metrics imported by the BPA vis parser ETL are documented here:

    Based upon that documentation the BYAPP_MEM_UTIL is not a metric that is imported by the BPA vis parser ETL.

    In TSCO version 10.0 and later you can see which metrics are available by ETL via the TSCO UI itself under Administration -> Data Warehouse -> Datasets & metrics -> By ETL Module tab.  That metric is also not imported in TrueSight Capacity Optimization version 10.0 through 10.7 by the vis parser ETL.

    Looking at the data available in the VIS file, command level memory metrics is not reported in the CAXCOMMD table (the Visualizer file source of the Command data imported into TSCO) per the the Visualizer Data Dictionary document:


    000107244: What documentation is available regarding the Visualizer database schema? (


    What that means is the underlying data necessary to report the BYAPP_MEM_UTIL metric isn't available in the Visualizer file and thus can't be imported into TSCO.

    There is process level memory reported in the CAXPROCD table (the individual top 30 processes) but that information isn't currently imported into TSCO by the vis parser ETL (the ETL will only import "Command" data (which is data related to running processes aggregated by Command Name) -- it won't import data related to individual processes.

    See below for information regarding the TSCO 10.7 "Data Explorer" functionality which does allow a level of access to Process Level data via Views for some platforms which could be used to access some process level memory details.

    Q: Is the vis parser ETL can't import the data, what is the best alternative?

    It would be necessary to write a custom ETL that imported that data into TSCO. There is no out-of-the-box ETL functionality that imports that data into TSCO.

    Q: Would the Gateway Server CDB-CDB extractor import this data?

    No, the CDB-CDB extractor ETL doesn't import any additional data into TSCO beyond what the VIS parser ETL imports -- they both import the same information into TSCO and neither of them imports the top 30 process data into TSCO. The VIS parser ETL is the correct ETL to use as the CDB-CDB extractor has been deprecated and will be removed from a future release of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product.

    TSCO 10.7 'Data Explorer' enhancements

    In TSCO 10.7 there is a new 'Data Explorer' View available which supports browsing Process Level data.

    The complete list of TSCO 10.7.00 enhancements is available here:



    > Support for process-level data in Data Explorer views


    Viewing process-level data in Data Explorer views (


    The Process Profile page in the Data Explorer views enables you to view the process-level data and workloads for the systems that are being monitored by capacity agents. The process-level data displayed on this page is averaged according to the number of days selected in the filter for the Data Explorer view. The Process Profile page is pre-configured in the following out-of-the-box views: AIX, Solaris, and KVM.

    You can configure the time filter and other page level filters according to your requirements. For more details, see Using filtering options in views on the TrueSight Console.

    > Top 30 processes by Memory - Select this option to view the top 30 processes by Memory.
    > Top 30 processes by CPU - Select this option to view the top 30 processes by CPU.
    Note: The Process Profile tab is not available for systems that are not being monitored by the TSCO agent

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