Remedy - Server - Unable to resize the inner and outer panels of a tabbed panel after having imported a .def file

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    Remedy AR System Server


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    Remedy AR System Server v8.x, v9.x


    After importing a .def, users can't resize the inner and outer panels of a tabbed panel.

    Resizing of inner panel is disabled in DevStudio (as designed) and when resizing the outer panel it also increases/decreases the size of inner panel (as designed ) making it impossible to set both the value equally as in a custom form both the inner and outer panel size are different.


    Problem in the Display-Instance property in the DEF file of the inner panel.


    The DEF file shows the "display-instance" tag:
    display-instance : 536870912\13\3\41\2\449\2200\82788\53200\4\6\0\5\6\2\7\40\2147483642\14\40\1\20\4\6\Hidden\21\41\2\-112\0\0\0\65\41\1\10125\42000\66\41\1\0\7100\143\40\10\15&

    The DEF file can be modified to set the size value of the inner panel to match the size of the outer panel.

    As per the example above, changing the size value for example to match the size of the outer panel (138244):
    display-instance : 536870912\13\3\41\2\449\2200\138244\53200\4\6\0\5\6\2\7\40\2147483642\14\40\1\20\4\6\Hidden\21\41\2\-112\0\0\0\65\41\1\10125\42000\66\41\1\0\7100\143\40\10\15&

    Save the DEF file and re-import it again.

    The highlighted value refers to the width of the panel.
    The first value (536870912) refers to the ID of the VIEW form.
    In order to change the inner panel width, it is necessary to change the width of each of the panel tabs.   
    Modifying DEF files manually can have also irreversible effects in the metadata if mistakes are made.
    For safety purposes, back up the Database just to be sure there is a working application prior re-importing the modified DEF file.

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