XML Package for Atrium CMDB 7.5.00 patch 001 & Greater

Version 27
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    The XML Package for BSM Enablement contains the XML Package used in Atrium CMDB 7.5.00 patch 001 and Greater.  The package contains the ADD component used to import enablement data.  This includes Configuration Items (CI) for computer system devices, technical and business services.


    The intended audience are Solution Consultants, Partners, Managed Services, Quality Assurance and Interop Lab to assist with Demonstrations, Proof of Concepts (POCs) and Quality Assurance (QA) Installations.


    To use these instructions, you should have a basic working knowledge of the BMC Atrium CMDB API Driver and BMC Remedy User.


    The Data package & Install Quick Start Guide are attached.  Recommend you review the Service Support Enablement Data Deployment Guide.doc at the BSM Enablemement Data for Service Support Solution link below,  which explains in more detail how to setup your environment, install product and import the data into your environment.  It also includes the suggested sequence and more detailed description of the demo data included in each package.


    For more information on platform compatibilty requirements, see the Atrium core product documentation and compatiblity availability matrix.


    Suggested BMC product application, version & patch levels to use for this enablement data:

    ApplicationVersionPatch Level
    BMC Remedy AR System7.5.00Patch 3
    BMC Atrium CMDB7.5.00 & greaterNo patch
    BMC Remedy Change Management7.6.00No patch
    BMC Remedy Asset Management7.6.00No patch
    BMC Remedy Service Desk7.6.00No patch
    BMC Service Request Management7.6.00No patch
    BMC Service Level Management7.6.00No patch
    BMC Remedy Knowledge Management7.5.00Patch 1


    There are additional enablement data packages currently available for other BMC products. They can be viewed and accessed from:


    BSM Enablement Data for Service Support Solutions