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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Midtier 8.x , Midtier 9.x


    Why do they happen? 

    To keep track of sessions Mid-Tier uses session IDs. Every user that connects is assigned a session ID and through the duration of their session this stays the same. Every time Mid-Tier receives a HTTP request it runs a few checks, one of these checks is to determine if the HTTP session has a valid session ID. Mid-Tier checks if the session ID is present and if so, if it recognises the session. If both checks fail, Mid-Tier will return the 9201 error.

    There are a few reasons why this might happen:
    1. The session has expired due to a period of non-activity. A user might have left their browser window open for a period of time. The browser might open with saved session. But since there's a maximum time for the session it could have been expired. The max time can be increased via the Mid-Tier Config Tool if required.
    2. The session ID is sent as a cookie, which is part of the HTTP request. It could happen that the browser does not send this request so the Mid-Tier server receives a HTTP request without the session ID. 
    3. In a Loadbalancing situation, the session is not maintained against one midtier for its entire session.


    Loadbalancing Misconfiguration , incorrect session handling, Network conflict , Use of caching at the network layer


    Troubleshooting tips

    1.  A good test for troubleshooting would be to request the customer to bypass the load balancer and confirm if customer still observes the problem.   See Article 000093643: ARERR 9201 Session timeout errors in a load balanced environment
    2.  Capture the error for further troubleshooting.

      a)  Enable the ARRESPONSEHOSTIP header.  
      Article 000106540:  How to troubleshoot whether a user is staying bound to a single Mid-tier for the life of the user's session (as required), in a loadbalanced environment?   
    b)  Enable Fiddler logging or the browser network capture functionality as well as detailed Midtier logs.  
    Fiddler logging:     Article 000132292:     How to capture a problem using Fiddler 
    Network Capture from the browser:     Article 000100250    How to capture network traffic using F12 (Developer Tools) when Fiddler is not an option
      Detailed Midtier logging:   Detailed midtier logging is set on the Log Settings panel of the Midtier Config tool    The logging should include the categories: Servlet, Performance, Internal.  Set the Log format to Detailed Text, and the Log Level to Fine.  
    Fiddler will record the error.    
    Items to check: 
      is the same session ID present on each request?  
    is the ARRESPONSEHOSTIP value the same for each request?  
    Does the JSESSIONID appear in the logs of more than one midtier?  

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