MyIT 3.x iOS client is available for download with new provisioning Profile

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    MyIT Self Service




    MyIT 3.1, 3.2, 3.3


    Problem Summary # iOS provisioning certificate for app expires in a year and has to be renewed every year. Due to this limitation, our MyIT 3.x iOS app Provisioning certificate will expire on April 25, 2017. This knowledge article is just to proactively notify the customer's to update their IPA in advance in case they are using OOTB MyIT Clients for iOS.

    Note: Please ignore the Patch if you have resigned the MyIT client with your own Provisioning Profile.  

    Note: As a best practice, BMC recommends you to resign the client and maintain the provisioning profile with your own enterprise account. 

    BMC MyIT download Page



    Please find the new IPA's for MyIT 3.x available at below FTP location

    MyIT 3.1

    MyIT 3.2

    MyIT 3.3

    Username: anonymous
    Password: <Your Email Address>

    Once you download the IPA. Go to MyIT Server and replace the mentioned IPA within below folder

    MyIT 3.x customers

    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\IPA\download\MyIT.ipa

    Note: You do not need to restart MyIT services for this change. Clients have to download the App from the download URL. 

    Note: The provisioning profile of this new MyIT 3.x Client will expire on 04-13-2018

    For example: https://<SmartIT Sever>:<port>/download/myit

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