When trying to onboard a VM using Quickstart, the VM is not being listed in the available list

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x


    When trying to onboard a VM using Quickstart, the VM is not getting listed in the available list

    The VM already has the RSCD agent running at the same level as the vCenter server and Bladelogic Application Server


    VMware tools is not installed or not working properly on the VM. Not able to list the VM using the vCenter UUID


    Make sure that the VMware tools is installed and up to date on the VM and verify the IP address information for that VM in the VSphere client. Once this is done, retry the VM onboarding process and the VM should be listed.

    Also, make sure that the vCenter, which is being selected in the QuickStart, list the virtual machines when it gets use in BSA webservice URL in following ways:

    • Fetching the vCenter UUID - refer the following video:

    Use the vCenter UUID in following webservice URL to list the virtual machines, which will confirm that there is no problem in fetching the virtual machines to onboard into CLM (provided that there is no other problem/issues than the one listed in this article): 

    https://<BSAServerName>:<BSA WebServicePort>/id/SystemObject/Server/<UUID of vCenter/ProxyvCenter>/Assets/BMC_VMware_VirtualInfrastructureManager/Virtual%20Machines/?username=BLAdmin&password=<password of BLAdmin user>&role=BLAdmins

    If the problem still persists, contact BMC Support 


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