ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite - Queries on BSR Buffer Size limitation

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    ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    BPPM Integration with Remedy Service Desk


    BSR Integration with ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite and TrueSight Operations Management


    There is no information on BSR buffer sizing and we need below details for BSR Buffer. Is it the same configuration for IBRSD.conf?

    For BSR, on the BPPM side following are the buffer files under folder <Install Dir>\pw\integrations\EventIntegrator:
    - inProcessFile
    - mainFile
    - receiveFile

    -          Can you let me know how big the buffer is (e.g. how many new incidents or changes to existing incidents will be hold pending re-connection)?
    -          If this buffer size configurable? If so, how is this done, what are the limits?


    Buffer is not configurable.

    There is no such limitation on buffer size, though we have tested the  Buffer size 800mb which can hold 640 K events.

    SDIG buffers the events when AR Server is down and SDIG will send events automatically once AR is available.

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