Remedy - Server - How to add the Parameter: "Disable-New-RLS-Implementation" in AR System

Version 7
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Server v8.1.02, v.9.0.01, v9.1.x


    When performing a search in AR System it is observed that it takes some considerable time and when checking the query in the SQL log it is observed the "RLS_split" is used.

    <SQL >..........> /* Mon Aug 08 2016 16:50:01.4840 */ WITH AR_SQL_Alias$1 AS (SELECT T1436.C1000000161, T1436.C1000000018, T1436.C1000000019, T1436.C1000000000, T1436.C303497300,
    T1436.C1000000164, T1436.C7, T1436.C1000000217, T1436.C1000000218, T1436.C1000005261, T1436.C1000003009, T1436.C1, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY T1436.C1000000161
    DESC, T1436.C1 ASC) AS 'AR_RowNumber_Alias$1' FROM T1436 WHERE ((T1436.C2 = 'abcde') OR (T1436.C4 = 'abcde') OR EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM(SELECT Item FROM
    RLS_split(T1436.C60901, ';')
    RLS_split(T1436.C112, ';') UNION ALL SELECT Item FROM RLS_split(T1436.C60989, ';') UNION ALL SELECT Item FROM RLS_split(T1436.C60900, ';'))
    privs join 
    20032;-20032;1000000034;1000000032;1000000033;-1098;1000000214;1000000038;1000000212;1000000036;1000000213;13010;-20003;20403;20003;1000000180;20000;-20000;1000000040', ';') u
    ON privs.Item = u.Item))) SELECT AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000161, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000018, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000019, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000000, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C303497300,
    AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000164, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C7, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000217, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000000218, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000005261, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1000003009, AR_SQL_Alias$1.C1
    FROM AR_SQL_Alias$1 WHERE (AR_SQL_Alias$1.AR_RowNumber_Alias$1 BETWEEN 0 AND 30001)
    <SQL >..........> /*
     Mon Aug 08 2016 16:50:25.4460 */ OK

    We can set the parameter Disable-New-RLS-Implementation in the main AR System Configuration.

    How can this be applied to avoid using RLS while AR System generates the SQL statements?


    Please be aware this parameter is available in version 9.x and also has been made available for version 8.1.02.

    For version 8.1.02 :
    1- Apply the latest Hot Fix bundle available by requesting it to BMC Support.
    2- Once applied, please also add in the ar.cfg/ar.conf the parameter: Disable-New-RLS-Implementation: T
    3- Restart the AR System.

    For version 9.0.01 and 9.1.x :
    To set this parameter in the Centralized Configuration form please follow these steps:

    1- Applications panel > AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console

              User-added image

    2-  System > General > Centralized Configuration

              User-added image

    3- In the Centralized Configuration form select the following:
    - Component Namecom.bmc.arsys.server.shared > shared

              User-added image

    4- Add the parameter following these steps:
    - Press Add.
    - In the new line created enter:
             - Setting NameDisable-New-RLS-Implementation
             - Setting Value: T
    - Press Apply.

              User-added image

    5- A restart of ARSystem is not required.

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