ADDM: How to export and import the Model -> Software Pattern Definitions

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    A customer is able to find an option to export the Application Model Pattern Definitions by going to Model > Applications in the Discovery UI. Go to the Application Instance list and select any Application. The Actions menu gives an option to Export Application Model Definitions, which can be imported on another appliance from Model > Applications > Import.

    How can we export the Pattern Definitions that are present in Model > Software?


    It is not currently possible to export the Pattern Definitions that are present in Model > Software in the same way that Application Model Definitions can be exported. However, you can export and import the pattern definitions from one appliance to other using the CSV Import feature. This is a temporary workaround and has not been QA tested by BMC. A permanent solution could be requested through an IDEA in BMC Communities.


    1) Run the following query in Appliance A and export the results to a CSV file (for example UIDef.csv):

    search UIPatternDefinition show key, si_type, si_kind, condition, si_category, si_publisher, version

    2) Edit the exported csv and modify the column headers to match the above attribute names. Otherwise import will fail saying the attributes don't exist in taxonomy.

    3) Go to Appliance B and from the UI, navigate to Administration -> Model -> CSV Import, and do the following:

    - Browse and choose the exported file with updated column headers
    - Update Mode -> this can be Create only (This will ensure new records are added - unless merge action is required to update existing data)
    - Node Kind -> Pattern Generation Information
    - Key -> You can leave the default or choose a Key (Note when no key is selected, the first column of the CSV is selected by default as key)

    Click the apply button and the Pattern Definitions should be imported. Navigate to Model -> Software to verify the new pattern definitions are imported in Appliance B.

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