Multiple email notifications being sent by a single rule event

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    FootPrints Service Core


    FootPrints Service Core


    FootPrints Service Core 12.1


    Under certain circumstances, a single notification triggered by a business rule that fired only once, will result in up to 3 emails over a period of time being received.


    Errors sending the notification message. Delays in the response from the mail server acknowledging the receipt of the first sent item. Common with Office 365.


    Footprints 12.1.04 and above
    To troubleshoot this problem, upgrading to Footprints 12.1.04 or higher will allow you to see errors in the footprints.log and modify the outgoing notification settings.
    Upgrading FootPrints Service Core version 12 to a newer version

    There are new options to change the SMTP email notifications settings. Please review this document.
    Configuring email notification for your system

    Follow the steps in this article to download, unzip, and review the Footprints.log in the log viewer built into Footprints 12.1.
    How to troubleshoot Footprints 12.1 using the footprints.log?

    Search for the following packages in the footprints.log file, or enable package filters at the debug level using these values.
    business.notification - for problems queuing the message
    core.messaging - for problems sending the message

    In Footprints 12.1.03.x and prior

       There are NO errors or warnings posted to the Footprints.log when a notification fails to send.  This was fixed in Footprints 12.1.04 along with allowing additional settings.

    The only option in older versions of Footprints is to increase the timeout for the SMTP connection.  This may also help with the current versions of Footprints.
    In the application server navigate to the ..\footprints service core\conf\footprints-core-beans.xml  (make a backup first) and open it as an admin to edit it, using a text editor such as notepad, wordpad, etc.

    Towards the bottom of the file you will find the following...

      <bean id="emailConnectionsTimeoutInMilliseconds" class="java.lang.String">
            <constructor-arg value="30000"/>

    Change the "30000"  to a larger time, such as say "45000" .

    (30 seconds to 45 seconds)

      <bean id="emailConnectionsTimeoutInMilliseconds" class="java.lang.String">
            <constructor-arg value="

    A restart of the Tomcat service will be required to have this change take affect.


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