Management Controllers are not being synchronized to the CMDB

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    BMC Discovery


    Management Controllers are not being synchronized to the CMDB


    Management Controllers with a direct Management relationship to the root Host in the Discovery model is mapped to a BMC_HardwareSystemComponent CI. If this relationship does not exist, then the Management Controller will not be synced to the CMDB - this is by design. 

    Refer to the documentation below:

    Steps to confirm:

    • View the Management Controller node. Does it have a link to a Host or Host Container?   If there is no relationship, see KA:  000152744
    • Are CI's being created in the BMC_HardwareSystemComponent class?
    • Do you have any CMDB sync filters that may prevent this class from being sync'd
    Note: The relationship of a host and the corresponding Management Controller should be synced to the BMC_HostedSystemComponents  

    Please also refer to the following KA for additional troubleshooting steps:  
    KA#  000135746 -Relationship from Host to certain Management Controllers is not created. 


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