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    Use the Log Zipper, part of the Maintenance Tool, to collect diagnostics in a zip file to submit to Customer Support. The Log Zipper creates a collection of log files and file characteristics that Customer Support uses to help you debug your system.

    To run the Log Zipper by using the Maintenance Tool user interface (Windows example):

    1. Start the Maintenance Tool utility.
        Go to ....\BMC Software\ARSystem\arsystem and double click on ARSystemMaintenanceTool.cmd

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    2. In the Maintenance Tool:
        - Click the Logs tab.
        - Click Zip Logs button.

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    3. Send the output file from the temp (tmp) directory to BMC Support.

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    Note: To unzip the file, use a utility such as WinZip to extract the files, or you might receive an error.

    To run the Log Zipper by using the command-line interface:
    1. In a command-line window, change to the <ARSystemServerInstallDir>\arsystem folder (where the Maintenance Tool is located).

    2. Enter one of the following commands:
    (Windows) ARSystemMaintenanceTool.cmd -silent -logs -zip_logs "-output_file=%TEMP%\<product>.zip"
    (UNIX) ./ -silent -logs -zip_logs -output_file=/var/tmp/<product>.zip*

    3. Send the output file from the temp (tmp) directory to BMC Support.

    Documentation (version 9.1)
    Running the Maintenance Tool
    Collect logs and diagnostic information


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