Remedy - Server - Error: "Corrupted license audit file. (ARERR 9823)" in the arerror.log

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Server v8.1.x, v9.0.x, v9.1.x, v18.08


    The arerror log shows this message:

    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Server binding to TCP port {Server Name}/{IP Address} on assigned port 5000
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Action Request System Server Started.
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Extension loaded: com.bmc.arsys.alertws 9.1.0.SNAPSHOT ARSYS.ALRT.WEBSERVICE
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Extension loaded: com.bmc.arsys.archiveddatamanagement 9.1.0.SNAPSHOT ARSYS.ADM.FLT.API
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Extension loaded: com.bmc.arsys.serveradmin 9.1.0.SNAPSHOT REMEDY.ARDBC.SERVER.ADMINISTRATION
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Extension loaded: com.bmc.arsys.webservice2 9.1.0.SNAPSHOT ARSYS.ARF.WEBSERVICE
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.517 2016 Extension loaded: com.bmc.arsys.server 9.1.0.SNAPSHOT com.bmc.arsys.produse
    Tue Oct 11 01:22:01.533 2016 Extension loaded: com.bmc.cmdb 9.1.0.SNAPSHOT bmc.cmdb.cmdbEngine

    Tue Oct 11 02:06:25.301 2016 4 : Corrupted license audit file. (ARERR 9823)



    The file got corrupted.


    The file for an unknown may become corrupted and cannot be created/updated.

    - Go to the directory: ....\ARSystem\Arserver\Db

    - Locate the file: LicenseReport.txt

    - Rename the file and move it into another directory if you want to keep it.

    - Restart the AR System application. The file should be created afterwards.

    As per our documentation:
    To ensure that your usage is in compliance with your purchased licenses, you can periodically generate a license usage report for each of your AR System servers (including each server in a server group). To gather information about license usage, each AR System server scans the system approximately every 45 minutes and writes the results to a file named LicenseReport.txt.

    Sometimes even doing the above procedure the error could persists. If this continue happening, please do the below steps:

    1.       Change the Server Group Name in "Advanced" tab in the Server Information Form to any name that you want to assign or you can just ensure that there isn´t garbage in that field. 

    2.       Move all LicenseReport files (all, even the .$TIMESTAMP$ files) to a separate directory outside of  \BMC Software\ARSystem\ARServer\Db.

    3.       Delete all of the records in AR System License Reports form.

    4.       Restart all the affected AR Servers

    Note: These steps needs to be done in all the servers that belongs to the server group. 

    More information please check our documentation:
    AR System v8.1.x:
    Reviewing license usage

    AR System v9.0.x:
    Reviewing license usage

    AR System v9.1.x:
    Reviewing license usage

    AR System v18.08:
    Reviewing license usage


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