Remedy - Server - There are too many server names showing up in my Centralized Configuration menus

Version 9
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server 9.x and higher version



    After having upgraded to the version 9.x  I have started using the Centralized Configuration UI to configure my servers. 
    When selecting the component to configure, there are too many server names being displayed both the short and long domain names for some of the servers.
    How can any extraneous configuration names be removed ?




    Legacy ID:KA431051


    To fix a problem where there are too many Configuration Names in the Centralized Configurations please follow these steps:


    1.        Backup the existing configurations


    a.       From Admin Console,  open the ‘Centralized Configuration Backups” link
    Centralized Configuration Backups



    b.      Provide a Backup Name  and Click on the “Backup” button



    c.       In case you need to revert back, you can choose this backup and Restore




    2.       Open the “AR System Configuration Component” :
                            a.       Perform an empty Search.
                                       Note: If Unqualified Searches option are not allowed enter the symbol % either in the Type or Name field to bring you all results.

                                        User-added image

                                        This will give you a list of all the Configuration  Names.

                                         This is an example:
                                         User-added image

                            b.      The ones you want to keep MUST correspond (case-sensitive) to the:
                                          i.      Configuration-Name:   parameter in ar.cfg/ar.conf  files
                                         ii.      <pluginSvrName> tag in each Pluginsvr_config.xml file
                                         iii.      com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.companionservername  in file


    c.       Delete all entries for Configurations that you do NOT want to KEEP
                   i.      This is where you would get into trouble so BE CAREFUL

    Note: Deleting Configurations should NOT leave orphan records in related forms.
    The filter "AR System Configuration: Delete Association Via Join" deletes the related records from the "AR System Configuration Component-Setting Mapping" form while the filter ,
    "AR System Configuration: Delete Setting Via Join" deletes the related records from the AR System Configuration Setting" form


    3.       Check the AR System Configuration Generic UI form (from the Admin Console).
                             a.       Ensure that all the menu options have the correct server names.
                              b.      Ensure that clicking on each menu item/server name returns the correct data.




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