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    Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


    TrueSight Synthetic Monitor with Borland Silk Performer



    Are you interested in migrating from SEUEM to TS-Synthetic? Are you concerned about the amount of time it will take, learning curve concerns or risk issues?
    Worry no more. The TS-Synthetic Assisted MIGration Operations (AMIGO) program is designed specifically to help you migrate quickly, easily and safely.

    The attachments contain the following:

    1) AMIGO Migration Program Introduction for TS-Synthetic.docx- An introduction to the benefits of AMIGO.
    2) SEUEM to TS-Synthetic AMIGO Presintation.pptx- A presentation which provides an overview of the AMIGO concept, workflow, and its benefits.
    3)  SEUEM to TS-Synthetic AMIGO Migration Planning Checklist.docx - A list of questions that will tell us more about your current environment and the new environment that you will be migrating to.


    4)  SEUEM to TS-Synthetic Deployment Guide.docx - A checklist which provides requirements, steps, and tips for migrating from TMART to TS-Synthetic.


    This information will help you “jump start” your upgrade planning.

    AMIGO program includes:

    » A “Question and Answer” session before you migrate
    » A review of your migration plan with Customer Support
    » A migration checklist
    » Helpful tips and tricks for migration success from previous customer migrations
    » A follow-up session with Customer Support to let them know how it went. This will help BMC to enhance the process.

    To get started review the attached checklist and then open a BMC Support issue. The issue summary should contain "AMIGO Starter" to identify this as an AMIGO starter issue. Include the following in the details of the issue.

    a. Where you are in the upgrade process (Analysis, Planning, Testing, etc.)
    b. Planned date of the installation
    c. Planned date of the installation, if known.

    We will contact you promptly, and work with you to ensure a successful and timely outcome.

    Please see the following for an overview of the TS-Synthetic Amigo process:




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