Cloud Lifecycle Management Compatibility Certifications list and supported Java versions

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6 or higher


    Refer Certified versions for compatible products link. This link has the list of certified product versions with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution.

    Refer System requirements for Linux and System requirements for Windows for supported JRE versions of different CLM Components.

    Due to Oracle announcement of changing Oracle Java licensing, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management uses Azul Java 8 runtime as a default bundled JRE for product versions releasing after January 1, 2019. Refer to Support for Java for more detail information.

    Note: BMC does not automatically certify newer versions of compatible products like VMWare vSphere, Oracle, SQL Server, Linux, and so on. For more information about compatible products, see the Compatibility Matrix, located in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management compatibility section of the Product Availability and Compatibility site at


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