EUEM - BMC End User Experience User Monitoring - Software Edition AMIGO program

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition


    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring


    The following information describes how to use the Assisted MIGration Offering (AMIGO) process to prepare your environment to migrate from the earlier Real End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) Virtual Edition to latest Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition.

    This Knowledge Article includes a brief description of the AMIGO process and attachments which will be helpful in performing your migration. 

    In short, there are five steps in the AMIGO process: Analysis, Planning, Provisioning, Implementation, Testing
    The following is a brief glossary of the terms used in this knowledge article.

    Assisted MIGration Offering (AMIGO) - A program to assist customers in product migration planning.
    EUEM - BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring products
    EUEM Virtual Edition - EUEM products delivered as a virtual machine disk image for VMware (vmdk file) and other hypervisor products (ISO file). The EUEM VE contains the following components that apply to version 2.7.x:
         BMC Application Management Console, BMC Real User Collector, BMC Real User Analyzer, BMC Real User Monitor, Performance Analytics Engine, Aggregation Server for Extended Reporting, and Cloud Probe.
    EUEM Hardware Edition - EUEM product delivered as a hardware appliance, the TS-4200 under version 6.7.x.
    EUEM Software Edition - EUEM product delivered as an installation package for the supported platforms. This covers versions 11 and later, and  contains the following components: Real User Analyzer, Real User Collector, and Cloud Probe. 

    AMIGO Documents
    The EUEM Software Edition AMIGO program includes the following documents:
    * EUEM SE AMIGO Program Introduction.pdf - An introduction that provides an overview of the AMIGO concept, workflow, and benefits.
    * EUEM SE AMIGO Checklist.docx - A migration checklist to provide BMC with information about your current deployment.
    * EUEM SE AMIGO Feature Differences.pdf-  A online feature differences document that outlines the available features in the EUEM  Virtual Edition versus the Software Edition.
    * EUEM SE AMIGO FAQ.pdf - A list of frequently asked questions.
    * EUEM SE AMIGO Migration Plan Example.pdf - A list to get you started on your migration plan.

    Before considering the migration, you need to confirm with the BMC account management team that you have the correct products licensed.

    Also, you should consult the "Migrating from BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring v2.7 to Software Edition" section in the EUEM Software Edition documentation that outlines the migration process.

    Begin the AMIGO process
    To get started, review the attached AMIGO documents, and then open a BMC Support case. 

    In the BMC Support case summary, enter the following statement: EUEM SE AMIGO Program. This statement identifies the support case as an AMIGO issue for the EUEM migration. 

    Also, include the following details in the support case.

    a. Which step of the AMIGO process are you in (Analysis, Planning, Provisioning, Implementation, Testing)?
    b. Planned date for the migration.
    c. The completed Migration Checklist (EUEM SE AMIGO Checklist.docx) with your current deployment.
    d. A rough network diagram that shows the layout of the EUEM components' deployment, your application servers, and the traffic feed to the EUEM components.

    After you have opened the support case, the BMC Support team will arrange a meeting with you to review the migration plan and answer any questions.

    After the migration is completed, the team will conduct a follow-up session to hear your feedback on the migration process, and discuss ways to improve the process.

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