How to implement an RMF-like navigation on PF10 and PF11 in CMF MONITOR Online (for all TSO users).

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    MainView for z/OS


    MainView for z/OS


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    CMF MONITOR 5.8.00
    CMF MONITOR 5.7.00
    MainView for z/OS 3.1.00
    MainView for z/OS 3.0.00
    MainView for z/OS 2.9.00

    How to implement an RMF-like navigation on PF10 and PF11 (for all users).

    We would like to change the PF keys in out profile so that Window mode CMF MONITOR can navigate through views such as JUSEZ, JCPUZ and JDCPUZ, allowing us to go backward and forward in time using the commands "TIME = = NEXT" and "TIME = = PREV" in a way analogous to the way RMF is configured.

    Please tell us how we can achieve this for ALL TSO users at our installation.

    We have these libraries allocated to our ISPF sessions:

              DD DSN=hlq.SBBPROF
              DD DSN=hlq.BBPROF




    Legacy ID:KA407984


    When the MainView clist is invoked, ISPF creates a member called BBMPROF in the TSO user's ISPPROF library (if there is not one in there already), and this is what is updated when you use the KEYS dialog. So you can set up PF10 and 11 for one user easily enough. 


    If you use the KEYS dialog to build a customised BBMPROF in your ISPPROF data set and then copy it to the BBIPROF concatentaion, any NEW users that do not already have a BBMPROF member in their ISPPROF data set will get it built using the "model' in the BBIPROF concatenation.


    So if you do this and put it in your SBBPROF data set, you should be good to go.

    For those users who want to pick up their new definitions, they can delete the BBMPROF member from their own ISPPROF data set and, when they invoke the MainView clist again, they will get a new one created using the new "model".

    Note, however, that unlike RMF MONITOR-III, our view data are wider than 80 characters in most cases, and the ability to scroll left and right is needed. Depending on your usage of the product, you might want to use PF22 and PF23 for the TIME PREV/NEXT. Also, PF6 as "RCHANGE" is pretty much useless since there is nothing to change. Here is what we have tried for our PF keys:

    PF1 . . . HELP
    PF2 . . . SPLIT
    PF3 . . . END
    PF4 . . . RETURN
    PF5 . . . RFIND
    PF6 . . . TIME
    PF7 . . . UP
    PF8 . . . DOWN
    PF9 . . . SWAP
    PF10 . . LEFT
    PF11 . . RIGHT
    PF12 . . CURSOR

    PF1 label . . Help PF2 label . . Split PF3 label . . End
    PF4 label . . Return PF5 label . . Rfind PF6 label . . Time
    PF7 label . . Up PF8 label . . Down PF9 label . . Swap
    PF10 label . . Left PF11 label . . Right PF12 label . . Cursor

    PF13 . . HELP
    PF14 . . SPLIT
    PF15 . . END
    PF16 . . RETURN
    PF17 . . RFIND
    PF18 . . SHOWFILT
    PF19 . . UP
    PF20 . . DOWN
    PF21 . . SWAP
    PF22 . . TIME = = PREV
    PF23 . . TIME = = NEXT
    PF24 . . CRETRIEV

    PF13 label . . Help PF14 label . . Split PF15 label . . End
    PF16 label . . Return PF17 label . . Rfind PF18 label . . ShowFilt
    PF19 label . . Up PF20 label . . Down PF21 label . . Swap
    PF22 label . . TimePrev PF23 label . . TimeNext PF24 label . . CRetriev


    Other PFK assignment can be used.  The above is simply a sample suggestion

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