How much disk space is needed on a Windows server to install and use BMC Threshold Advisor?

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    How much disk space is needed on a Windows server to install and use BMC Threshold Advisor?






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    It's difficult to predict exactly how much disk space on the Windows server that Threshold Advisor will require. It depends on how often and how much data is extracted to analyze thresholds. Below are guidelines for planning.


    Excluding the requirements for the primary Capacity Management Database (CDB) and required products, the amount of disk space Threshold Advisor requires depends on the number of recording requests, the amount of data collected, and the frequency with which the data is populated into the CDB.


    Processing one recording request could require 2GB of space for the staging database. Actual disk usage may be less, but this is a safe estimate to ensure there is sufficient disk space available. The staging database consists of .MDB files, a holding area for the last extraction before the data is moved to the primary CDB. Each additional recording request could possibly require another 2GB for the staging database.


    So the typical Threshold Advisor install/usage configuration with a single recording request requires 3GB to 5GB of disk space for:


    -- staging database
    -- product files
    -- the recording request
    -- several studies worth of pushes

    Additional space should be considered for each additional recording request (as stated above).


    In addition to the items listed above, disk space is needed for the primary CDB database and required products:


    -- Capacity Management Database (CDB) product installation
    -- primary CDB (database)
    -- SQL Server or other database query product
    -- Oracle


    The CDB product installation requires in the 10s of MB.


    The primary CDB, database query product such as SQL Server, and Oracle require a significant amount of disk space. 100 GB would be a good starting size for a good size shop.  If the DBA sees the space being used up they can extend the existing data file or add another data file to the tablespace.

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