Is it possible to change the pronet.<process>.cell.cellName variables in pronet.conf to a different cell?

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    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite 9.x, TSIM 10.x


      Is it possible to change the pronet.<process>.cell.cellName variables in pronet.conf to a different cell?




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    You can specify a remote cell name in the above property. When an event is sent from Patrol Agent to Integration Service and if no remote cell or default cell is configured on IS, then event is forwarded to Agent Controller. The Agent Controller would then forward the event to BPPM Cell or remote cell depending on the value for pronet.agent_controller.cell.cellName




    It is possible for rate to use a different cell and is recommended if event processing (i.e. enrichment policies and rules) is to be offloaded to a different cell. Content from KA000024671
    The ability for rate to use a different cell is available in 9.0 SP1 and higher. The following steps are how to configure this :

      1) Create a new cell on BPPM/TrueSightIM with mcrtcell command. We will call this the rate cell.

    2) Modify the pw\server\etc\<rate_cell>\mcell.conf for this rate cell so that it contains :

    a) POMEnabled=No
    b) Copy the mcell.propagate file from the pw\server\etc directory to pw\server\etc\<rate_cell>.
    c) Edit the mcell.propagate file located in the pw\server\etc\<rate_cell> directory location as shown in the following code block:


    3) Restart the rate cell.

    4) Modify the pw\server\etc\<default_cell>\kb\rules\refine_multiple_server_events.mrl for the BPPM/TrueSightIM (jserver) cell so that the following rule is completely commented out :

    refine initialize_ppm_ev:
    PPM_EV ($EV)
    if (listlen($EV.mc_history) != 0) then
    $EV.pn_object_id = 0;
    $EV.pn_object_class_id = 0;
    $EV.pn_parameter_id = 0;
    opadd($EV, "Initialized PPM_EV slots specific to CI association", "");

    5) Recompile the KB for the BPPM/TrueSightIM (jserver) default cell.

    6) Modify pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf so that parameter pronet.rate.cell.cellName contains the name of the rate cell.

    7) Reload the mcell.dir file by running the following command:
    > mcontrol -n <rate cell name> reload dir

    8) Create a propagation policy or rule on the rate cell to propagate events to the BPPM/TrueSight IM (jserver) cell.

    9) Restart BPPM/TrueSightIM server with command 'pw sys start'.
    Please also refer to Online docs below for the Best practices updated in Truesight 10.7,11.0 and 11.3:      



    It is possible for jserver to use a different cell. The issue is if you change the cell then it must have POMEnabled=Yes in the mcell.conf and propagate events to jserver using a gateway.

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