BDA 8.3 - Questions on BDA integrated with CLM

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    BMC BladeLogic Database Automation


    BMC BladeLogic Database Automation


    Need to know the procedure to change the default BDA account password in CLM environment

    LP: BMC BladeLogic Database Automation 8.3.00
    DR: BMC BladeLogic Database Automation 8.3.00



    Legacy ID:KA407418


    1. How does the CLM Provider connect to BDA?

    -> The CLM Provider connects to the BDA manager as the "Integration User." This integration can be the sysadmin or any user with the appropriate capabilities (CLM_ADMIN on / is required).

    2. Does changing the password for the Integrated User (sysadmin/any other user) in BDA reflect in CLM?

    -> No, after changing the password in BDA, it must be modified on the CLM side too. i.e. in CLM's provider.json file (This file contains all the User connectivity credentails for each of its Provideer (BSA/BNA/AR...)).


    Sample snippet below:

    "attributeValue" : "cladmin", < BDA user
    "guid" : "db8ace42-3606-4e81-bc3b-2dca6c05306c",

    "attributeValue" : "knbRdBWkE986GnsbbmOtMQ==", < encrypted pwd
    "guid" : "3fc3d9e5-b44d-4a17-addc-33b6213198f6",
    "name" : "BDA_PASSWORD"

    Note: CLM's provider.json file accepts password in an encrypted string. Therefore, users need to insert the encrypted new password in provider.json file using an Encrypt/Decrypt Utility available in CLM.

    3. When BDA integrated with CLM, we would see a user called DEMO in BDA Manager GUI ->CLM Configuration section. Is this an BDA user or AR user.

    -> The user seen under BDA's CLM Configuration section is an AR user, which BDA connects to the AR System. This has nothing to do with BDA Users.

    4. When the password for the "DEMO" user is changed in the AR System, is it necessary to configure the same password in BDA?

    -> If the DEMO user is used to connect to BDA with the product catalog, then yes, the same password must be updated in BDA's CLM Configuration section. In the case of using another CLM user (i.e. cladmin), then there is no need to change any configurations settings.


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