SRM - How to use Action Tab within Question and Mapping with SRD

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management


    SRM 8.0

    Summay #  Need more information on how to use the Action Tab available within Question and Mapping of SRD.



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    It is documented


    Action tab is used to To autofill responses to questions


    In the SRD, click Questions & Mappings to open the Question Management window.


    On the Questions tab, create the questions.


    Note:  You can use only Text, Date, Time, and Date/Time question formats to configure actions.


    On the Actions tab, in the Action Information pane, do the following:
    Under Action Details:
    In the Title field, enter a title for the action.
    From the Trigger drop-down list, select one of these actions to trigger an autofill response from
    the application: Open Form or Answer Question.
    In the Trigger Qualification Builder, create a query that defines the condition to trigger the action.
    Trigger qualification is required for the Answer Question trigger. It is optional for the Open Form trigger.
    The Type field displays Autofill as the Action type.
    Under Autofill Details:
    From the Form Name drop-down list, select the appropriate form.
    In the Autofill Qualification Builder, select a field from the form and select the operator from the adjacent field
    Select the data type, such as Question, Text, Integer, or Keywords.
    Use Question to autofill the response to a question based on the user's response to another question. Select the question from the adjacent drop-down field. For example, if the question is Name , the product can look up the response entered by the user and pass on the user's Employee ID in response to the next question: Employee ID.


    Use Text to specify text data type, and enter the value in the adjacent field.
    Use Integer to specify a numerical data type and enter the value in the adjacent field.
    Use Keywords to specify a keyword and enter the value in the adjacent field. You can specify only one keyword.
    CUSTOMER is a keyword for the Requested For user's login ID
    Click Add.
    In the Mappings panel, map fields to questions.
    Select the field from the Field drop-down list and select the question from the Response drop-down list.
    Click Add.
    Click Apply.


    You cannot map Date, Time, and Date/Time field values to Text questions




    For Example


    In the Question and Mapping, I created two fields Company and Company which we use to auto-fill





    In the Action Tab, I wanted the Company And company2 get autofilled based on user




    When I submit a request, you can see company and company2 get auto-fill




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