Is Flash required with Midtier 8.1? What are the ramifications of turning off Flash?

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    What are the ramifications of turning off Flash? Is Flash required with Midtier 8.1? There are security concerns with allowing Flash to be enabled and so we would like to disable...what will be affected if we do so?



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    With each release there is a decreasing reliance on Flash. However, there are still some areas of the product that still need Flash currently.

      The Flash requirements for 8.1 are as follows –
      IE 8:
      -            Flash 9.0.0 or higher required for browser client. This is needed for DVM plugins that use Flash/Flex external to Midtier,  like Atrium Console
      -            No rounded corners, no gradient color, no Vertical text, no opacity.
      IE 9/10 and higher:
      -            No Flash required for the browser client --   Rounded corners, Vertical text, Opacity will continue to work via CSS 3.0 stylesheet properties. Gradient coloring will not work.
      -            Still need flash for Flash/Flex external plugins
      The reason you don’t need Flash for IE 9 and higher is IE 9 fully supports Standards mode and CSS 3.0. IE 8 only partially does so, and as such some UI and storage things we used to do in Flash in 7.6.04 we still have to do in Flash in 8.1 MT if IE 8 is in use. 
      Summary of affected behavior/functionality when Flash is disabled:
      - Atrium Console – will not function without Flash plugin due to reliance on Flex
      - Flashboards- functionality can be changed to render Flashboards in non-Flash based format (accomplished by changing the value, flashboards.showgraphinflash=1)
      - Animation- Used for opening and closing menus and field expand boxes, etc. gives a wipe in/wipe out effect. Can be disabled by setting this to false arsystem.enable_Animation
      - Panel/Panel Holder field look and feel- If Flash UI rendering for these fields is disabled by setting this value to false, arsystem.flash.enable_ui_rendering, then the visual impact will be:


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