how to add SYS:Status Reason Menu Items to HPD:Help Desk

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    how to add SYS:Status Reason Menu Items to HPD:Help Desk

    LP: BMC Remedy AR System Server

    Issue Summary: how to add SYS:Status Reason Menu Items to HPD:Help Desk




    Legacy ID:KA349680


    STEP 1:
    In HPD:Help Desk form, Status Reason filed is closely associated with the Status field. So, if you want to add any custom menu item, follow the steps below:
    1. First decide under which Status value, the new menu item should be assocaited.
    2. Goto SYS:Status Reason Menu Item form.
    3. For example, if you want to add status reason "Client Communication Required" under Pending status.
    i) Open status reason menu item form in search mode, put "HPD:Help Desk" under Form Name.
    ii) Put "Pending" under Character Field Value field and click search.
    iii) You will get all entries of Status Reason under Pending Status.
    iV) Examine all the entries from first till last, keep an eye on Menu Order 1 field and Selection code filed.
    V)These two field are unique and Menu order 1 is having an increment of 5 or 10 values if you are going down.
    Vi) Select the last record and press Ctrl + T, all values are copied to a New mode.
    Vii) Change Status Reason Menu Item value to "Client Communication Required".
    Viii) Increment Menu Order 1 value by 5 or 10. Also change the value of Selection Code field to some unique value.

    STEP 2:
    1) Goto the Developer studio, open HPD:Help Desk
    2) Open field outline, select Status_Reason_Hidden
    3) Click Property, open selection attribute.
    4) Click Add Btn, give Selection Value and Alias Value (Ex: Client Communication Required)
    5) Need to provide the ID same as you had provided in the "Selection Value" field on the form SYS:Status Reason Menu Item.
    6) Save the form. You will be able to save an incident with the new Menu Item.

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