How to create Chargeback Report in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management


    How to extract the service usage costs (accounting data) without using BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)?
    Is it possible to know in which database tables, these data are stored?
    How to setup a simple documentation of the service usage. Is it possible to do that?



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    Below are the forms which have all attributes require for possible account data record:

    a: BMC.CORE:BMC_Contract
    b: BMC.CORE:BMC_ContractLine
    c: SRM:Request
    d: BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance
    e: BMC_Component
    f: BMC_Price
    g: BMC_Cost
    h: BMC_OptionChoice
    i: BMC_Option
    j: BMC_RequestableOffering
    k: BMC_ServiceOffering

    Find out the key/common key values among above forms to create join forms and achieve the reporting use case. Join forms can be created  using the "BMC Remedy Developer Studio"

    Here are the other information which helps while creating  reports for Pricing, Ordering, or Decommission date and etc:

    When a service offering is provisioned, a BMC_ContractLine configuration item is created. This BMC_ContractLine is related to a tenant's BMC_Contract by  BMC_ContractComponent relationship with Name of CONTRACTLINEINCONTRACT.
    BMC_ContractLine.ContractLineType is set to ServiceOfferingLine. The contract line is related to BMC_ServiceOffering representing a service offering by  BMC_Component relationship with a Name of SOCONTRACTASSOLINE.
    BMC_ContractLine.StartDate is the date the service offering was ordered. If a decommission date is entered during the order, the BMC_ContractLine.EndDate field is populated.

    If a service offering instance is manually decommissioned, BMC_ContractLine.TerminationDate is set to a decommission date and an end date is not changed.
    BMC_ContractLine.ServiceRequestId holds the ID of the service request in Service Request Management (SRM). At the end of the provisioning process, BMC_ContractLine is related to  BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance by BMC_Component relationship where the Name is CONTRACTLINECOVERSOFFERINGINSTANCE.

    The contract line holds a service offering price shown to a user when she requests a service offering. The fields for price are: PriceAmount (the amount), PricePeriod (time period), and PriceUOM (the pricing unit of measure). This price represents the on-going price for the service offering. The quantity is always assumed to be one service offering instance.

    BMC_ContractLine configuration item is created for each option choice selected. It is related to a parent contract line for a service offering through BMC_Component relationship with the name OPTIONLINEPARTOFSOLINE. The contract line for an option choice is related to BMC_OptionChoice configuration item with BMC_Component relationship with a name of OPTIONLINERECORDSOPTIONCHOICE. The StartDate, EndDate and TerminationDate of this contract line have the same semantics as Service Offering Line. The price fields for this contract line have the same meaning as they do for a service offering line.

    All of the above captures a price of a service offering and selected options. There might be another price component, which is a one-time price entered when defining a request definition. A request definition is persisted as BMC_RequestableOffering configuration item. The value of an OfferingType field is either null or set to Service. It is related to the BMC_ServiceOffering configuration item by BMC_Dependency relationship with a Name of SOENABLESRO. BMC_RequestableOffering configuration item is related to BMC_Price configuration item by BMC_Component relationship with a Name of OFFERINGPRICE. Alternatively, you can use the ServiceRequestId field in BMC_ContractLine for a service offering to query a service request and get a price. This method is safer because it reflects a request definition's price at the time when an order is submitted, whereas BMC_Price shows a current price.


    Please note that this Knowledge Article should only be used as a reference. Creating the reports based on this information has to be implemented by users themselves.

    Additional information: Refer to   How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support 

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