Can MainView Threshold Advisor use Microsoft SQL Server Express as its database?

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    MainView Infrastructure


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    Can Threshold Advisor use SQL Server Express?

    I have started looking into the use of Threshold Advisor and it appears that we have to purchase an MS SQL Server or Oracle license to use it. SQL Server Express is free for a small database use, so we would avoid this cost.
    I will only be testing the product on a test system and do not need a fully functional database, so SQL Server Express would be ideal, if it is supported.



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    Threshold Advisor uses the services of BMC's CDB (Capacity DataBase) Services, and SQL Server Express may be used as the backend database for CDB.


    However, this is only really appropriate for a test system or a trial. For full production, the full-function MS SQL Server or Oracle is recommended.


    SQL Server Express 2008 R2 and 2012 limits the database size to a maximum of 10 GB, will only use one processor even if more are available and is limited to a maximum of 1 GB of memory usage, so you may be able to run with it with decreased performance, depending on your usage of Threshold Advisor.

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