Remedy - FTS - How can I know that FTS reindexing is complete?

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    What indicates the FTS reindexing has completed?



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       There is no message sent back to the application interface when the reindexing action is completed.

    In the Server Information form under the 'FT' the 'Reindex' option will become available and no longer be greyed out.

    Another way to determine that the reindexing action is complete is to monitor the FT_PENDING table for the operationType and also having the FTS Indexing log enabled in the Log Files tab.

    On the database side the query that can be run for ARS 8.x and earlier is:

    select * from FT_Pending where operationType in (10, -10)

    For ARS 9.x and later: 

    select * from FT_Pending where operationType in (5, -5)

    The query should not return any rows if reindexing has completed. 

    Also, check the  FTS   Collection directory to observe that indexes files are being created. 



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