How to manually deprovision/remove a particular NIC from Network Container for Physical server?

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Environmental Details: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 2.x, 3.x. 4.x

    While decommissioning a physical server and re-provisioning it, the following error is observed: 

    Error creating Network Connector from BBNA: The NIC identified by "NIC0" and "b4b52f5dc2e4" is already present in the container " error.
    Error: Unable to deallocate resource /physicalserver/41cb5667-5989-4501-8732-43013641568b from pool with id 835c01c9-379b-440f-853c-46cbc2bbf198. Resource is not currently allocated.

    In BBNA container, a port with the "NIC0" and Mac Address mentioned above exists.  It was not released from BNA during decommisioning. How to delete the port from container for physical server re-provisioning?



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    Here is an example of PCM utility command which can be use to deprovision a particular nic manually from the container. For more details on how to use the BNA PCM utility please go through the Using the Cloud Lifecycle Management Utility section from the BNA user guide.

    To decommission a specific NIC

    container-util -url BBNA_server_URL
    -user UserName -password UserPassword
    -operation release_virtual_server_nic_address
    -containerName name_of_container
    -nicName NIC_name
    -nicServerName NIC_server_name -v

    To decommision all NICs of particular NIC server

    container-util -url BBNA_server_URL
    -user UserName -password UserPassword
    -operation release_all_server_nic_addresses
    -containerName name_of_container
    -nicServerName NIC_Server_Name -v


    Please Note:   containerName and nicServerName is case sensitive.

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