Can we have an alphanumeric counter for hostname in CLM 2.x with hostname customization ?

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    Environment : CLM 2.1 SP1

    The desired VM Naming Convention is :

    Hostname should contain 7 Alphanumeric characters (P1P2P3P4P5P6P7),

    User has to select values for Positions i.e 1,2, 6 & 7.

    P2 to p4 => a alphanumeric counter 000 - zzz (000 - 999, a00 - zzz, etc.) excluding i,l and o characters

    Can the above usecase be achieved in implementing the fix for hostname customization ?



    Legacy ID:KA362902


    In CLM 2.1 SP1 release , the custom hostname pattern that can be supported is user supplied prefix, an optional separator character with CLM generated padded numeric counter.

    The numeric(only) counter can be at the start or at the end. So the mentioned usecase is not possible with CLM 2.1 SP1 version.

    For complete details refer to :


    The next major release of i.e. CLM 2.5 will have enhanced hostname customization capability.

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