How to control the CLM USP job run intervals

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management


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    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 2.1.x

    Is it possible control the interval in which the USP job runs?

    In few scenarios, the 2nd USP job is triggerred even before the 1st job completes.

    Error: Another instance of USP job is already running



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    In order to control the number of times we execute the USP job (and subsequently poll for agent status) you want the BBSA_VG_AGENT_STATUS_POLLS &  BBSA_VG_AGENT_STATUS_POLL_INTERVAL_SECONDS  AccessAttributes from providers.json file.


    By default the value of BBSA_VG_AGENT_STATUS_POLL_INTERVAL_SECONDS  is 60 seconds. This will trigger an USP job every 1 minute.
    The value of the property may be modified to meet the requirements of the environment.
    Modifying this value requires a restart of CSM service.


    NOTE: Modifying this value will affect all the SOI provisioning. Hence, be aware of the consequences before modifying the value.


    Once USP job execution is complete, we “poll” for the agent status.  If that agent-status poll indicates the agent isn’t licensed, we execute the USP job again and re-poll for the agent status.  We do this until we either reach the max polls (BBSA_VG_AGENT_STATUS_POLLS) or the agent responds.

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