How can a remote TSCO/BPA Agent be restarted via the TSCO Gateway Server on Windows?

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    BMC Performance Assurance for Servers


    BMC Performance Assurance for Servers


    From the TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Gateway Server/BMC Performance Assurance (BPA) console on Windows, how can we use the console to re-start the agent.?

    TrueSight Capacity Optimization (Gateway Server) 11.3, 11.0, 10.7, 10.5, 10.3, 10.0
    BMC Performance Assurance 9.5




    Do the following to stop and restart the remote agent from your console machine:


    Stop Agent Program


    To stop the Agent:

    (1) Under All Programs -> BMC Software -> Run the "Stop Agents" program.

    (2) Enter the Hostname of the target TSCO Agent to be stopped in the "Computer" edit box.

    (3) Click the "Stop" button.

    To restart the agent:

    (4) Under All Programs -> BMC Software -> Run the "Collect Data" program.

    (5) Select the "Query information from a collect process" option.

    (6) In the "Collect Data - Query Collect Information" window enter the hostname of the target TSCO Agent machine

    (7) Click the OK button.


    Command Line


    (1)  Open the command prompt on console machine and navigate to the BMC Software installation directory like as follows

    C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\BEST1\7.5.10\bgs\bin>  (default directory path)

    (2) To stop the agent, enter :

    bgsagent_stop <remote node name> <- This command will stop the agent process

    (3) To restart the agent, enter:

    best1collect -n <remote node name> <- This will command restart the agent (Once you run this command 1st time wait for five min then rerun the same command again)

    (4) Once agent restarts, you should see the  following output

    e.g - *Node: <Remote Node name> has acknowledged Start request successfully.

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