Job Execution Report in Control-M Reporting Facility only allows retrieving records for the past 90 days

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager



    Within the Control-M Reporting facility, we select Forecast Analysis -> Job Execution Report or execution ( for  Control-M /Enterrprise Manager  6.4.01 ) or Execution (  for  Control-M /Enterrprise Manager  7.0.00 and above), If we select in the "Time Frame" field any value that goes beyond 90 days, we receive the error:


     Invalid value: Days value must be in range 0-90






    Legacy ID:KA325028


    The default "90" days for the reporting facility may be changed as follows.  In the Control-M Configuration Manager application, select Tools -> System Parameters -> Control-M/EM System Parameters, then set "RunTimeHistoryDays" to the number of days you wish to recall data in the report.  There is no need to restart the application after the change.


    Please note that an indication for every job which runs every single day will be saved in the database, which implies additional space requirements in the EM database. The data for job runs is stored in the "RUNINFO_HISTORY" table for the number of days set in the  "RunTimeHistoryDays" System parameter.  If we change its value to 180, we will have to wait that amount of time for the data to accumulate, as at present, the data older than 90 days is not in the EM database.

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