Email Engine configuration questions as incoming MAPI protocol is not working.

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    Email Engine configuration questions

    LP: BMC Remedy AR System Server 7.6.04
    DR: AR System Server 7.6.04

    Details: AR System 7.6.04 SP3

    Our outbound email is working fine but our inbound email is not working and I do not see any records on the AR_System_Email_Messages form. We are trying to setup inbound email to use MAPI. Does Outlook need to be installed on the Remedy AR Server? How is the email address associated to the inbound email configuration form? Or, does it pull that information from the associated outbound configuration?

    Server Platform: Windows 2008 Enterprise
    Client Platform: Windows 7
    Database: Microsoft SQL-server 2008
    Web Server: Apache Tomcat

    Issue Summary: Email Engine configuration questions




    Legacy ID:KA380714


    Using 64 bit Outlook will not work as the MAPI protocol does not work with 64-bit Java.  Use 32-bit Outlook and recreate the new outlook profile.

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