How do I forward Mainview events to BPPM? Do I need an additional license to use BIIZ?

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    How do I forward Mainview events to BPPM? Do I need an additional license to use BIIZ?



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    The BMC Impact Integration for z/OS product (also called BMC II for z/OS or abbreviated to BIIZ) provides a bidirectional connection between MainView AutoOPERATOR and the BMC Impact Manager product from an IBM z/OS platform. The bidirectional connection enables transferring z/OS based events, WTO messages and ALERTs between MainView AutoOPERATOR and BMC Impact Manager.




    The BIIZ BPPM cell KB (Knowledge Base) is currently shipped with the MainView AutoOPERATOR products or via a licensed add-on in the product's SMP/E datasets. There are instructions in the MainView AutoOPERATOR BMC Impact Integration for z/OS User Guide on how to download the BIIZ BPPM KB and install it on the BPPM cells. In AutoOPERATOR you turn on the initialization of BIIZ with a PRODUCT=IIZ statement in the BBISSPxx UBBPARM library member (It's also necessary to customize the AAOGMExx UBBPARM library member to configure the connection). 




    With BIIZ initialized in the AutoOPERATOR Product Address Space (PAS), each Rule will have additional action panels to enable the sending of events and alerts to the BPPM cell. The event types that a user is allowed to send depend upon which AutoOPERATOR products are running in that PAS.


    A user will always have the ability to send MSG events, even if they do not own MainView AutoOPERATOR for z/OS. You can create a MSG Rule without MainView AutoOPERATOR for z/OS, but the actions allowed will be restricted to only the actions to send the event. 




    If the customer has MainView AutoOPERATOR initialized then they have the ability to send Alerts as special BAROC event classes to the BPPM cell. The Alert and event will be automatically be kept in sync such that if an Alert is deleted in MainView AutoOPERATOR then it’s associated MV_ALERT event will be CLOSED on the BPPM cell. Similarly, if the Alert is escalated in priority in MainView AutoOPERATOR, then the MV_ALERT event will also have its severity updated. Also if the MV_ALERT event is CLOSED by the BPPM console operator the Alert will be deleted in the MainView AutoOPERATOR PAS. If communication is lost, the Alerts and MV_ALERT events will be re-synchronized once communications is re-established.




    If the user does not own MainView AutoOPERATOR, then they will require the license add on for BMC Impact Integration for z/OS .  



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