Does MainView for DB2 provide information related to 1M pages?

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    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2 v10.1
    MainView for DB2 v11.1

    Customer is going to implement 1M page frames, and thus is asking for the information that MainView provides about these new frames.
    He needs to know if MainView for DB2 provides data and statistics for 1M page, the same way it does with 4K page frames.
    (1M page frames are a new type of frames also known as Large Page Support (the standard for years has been 4K page frames), introduced in DB2 v10 and z/OS 1.10)




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    In MainView for DB2, the BFRPL view displays the Frame size (QDBPFRAM) that is available for DB2 v11 and later. The Frame Size online help in the BFRPL view specifies that for DB2 v11, this size can be 4K, 1MB, or 2GB
    Information about how many 1 MB or 2 GB page frames that are used by a buffer pool is only available using the DB2 command:  DIS BUFFERPOOL(BPx).
    As of today, this information is not available in IFCID DB2 statistical records.

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