How to add DNS entry in case of static IP assignment in CLM

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Environment Details:

    CLM 2.1

    Static IP assignment.

    When provisioning windows 2008 R2 servers in CLM, we have defined the DNS servers in both the VGP and the VMware Template, however when the server is provisioned it comes up the no DNS servers defined. This is an issue because we would like the server to self register with DNS. If there are no DNS servers defined it can't self-register.



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    When the IP assignment is set to Static, the only way to add a DNS entry is by adding a pre-callout before the create VirtualGuest task.

    CLM will obtain the IP address information from BBNA before creating the VM.
    We need to add an AO callout at this point to create a DNS entry and this requires customization in 2.1.
    Since it involves customization, it is recommended to engage PS team to implement this feature.

    The IP and DNS information in the VGP or the source template is not used by CLM.

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