Where do the Monitor Rules get set in MainView for Linux Servers?

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    Where do the Monitor Rules get set in MainView for Linux - Servers?



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    To determine if a system should be monitored, the Monitor flag can be set to Yes/No for each system in the ADLRULER view (likewise for z/VM rules in the VMLRULER view).

    The MMLDATA dataset allocated to the MV for Linux PAS contains the shared monitor rules.

    Some customers have questioned why a system is showing as DoNotMon on the SYLOVRZR view (DoNotMon indicates that there is a monitor rule specifying that this system is not to be monitored).

    This is due to a change that was introduced by APAR BAN2046 / PTF BPN2072 in MainView for Linux version 1.5.00. This changed the code in the MainView for Linux PAS to do-not-monitor rule for any z/VM or Linux data collectors which do not match the MainView for Linux PAS version to prevent 0C4 abends. Previous versions of the z/VM data collector were sending unexpected data to current version of the MainView for Linux PAS which leads to an S0C4 abend. 


    You can use the VMLCOLLR and CFLCOLLR views to determine if previous versions of z/VM and Linux data collectors are connecting to the MainView for Linux Product Address Space.

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