How to Troubleshoot Remedyforce (RF) Email Services.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


       How to troubleshoot SDoF email services.  
       How to troubleshoot SDoF email listeners.  



      Check to make sure there are no issue with the Salesforce platform.  
    The default Email Listerner will not work unless it can match the From Address of the incoming email to an existing client. 
      Basic Quick Steps: 
      1. Verify the Listener is active.
    2. Verify the Context user is active.
    3. Verify Error Routing is enabled.
      4. Test the listener using the SFDC email address.
    5. Test the listener using forwarding email address.
      6. Verify the account associates with the listeners and the email address context user has Remedyforce licenses assigned to them.
      7. Check new validation rules on the Incident object.
      Staff/Client Email Verification:
      1. Log into RF | Click Setup | Click Yes. 
      2. Under Administration Setup Expand Manage Users | Click Users. 
      3. Click the username of the user for which email is not processed. 
      4. Verify the email address is the same email address as the address the emial is being sent from. 
      RF Configuration and Listener Troubleshooting:
      1. Log into RF: 
      2. Click Configuration | Click Application Settings. 
      3. Under General Verify the following: 
          Default Client Profile is configured with ServiceDesk Client. 
          Creating Incidents from Client Email is configured 
             NOTE: The default is to required OPEN CALL in the email subject.  Open Call is NOT case sensitive.
          Assign email-generated Incidents To: is set to Context User (Default). 
      4. Click Save | Click Ok. 
      1. Log into SDoF | Click Home | Click Yes. 
      2. Click the username | Click Setup. 
      3. Under App Setup Expand Develop | Click Email Services. 
      4. Under the Email Service Name column Click BMCSD CreateIncident. 
      NOTE: For additional explanation of the other email services see KB Doc:    (22603) What do the Email Services Open, Status and Listen do?
      5. Verify Settings are as required. 
          Apex Class is EmailListener. 
          Accept Attachments is ALL. 
          Accept Email From: is ALL email addresses (subject to security settings). 
          Convert Text Attachments to Binary Attachments is checked. 
          Active is checked. 
      6. If the above are not as desired Click Edit | Adjust accordingly | Click Save. 
      7. Under Email addresses Note the available email addresses. 
      8. Hover over the user in the Context User column.  Verify the user is active. 
      9. Beside the Email Address column | Click Edit. 
      10. Verify the Email Address Information in correct. 
          Active is checked. 
          Context user is a valid user. 
          Accept Email from is correct. - Whatever is in this box is the only email address from which the listener will accept mail. 
         NOTE: Click the i in the upper right corner of the box for more configuration information.
      11. Click Save. 
      12. Verify email can be sent to and is process by RF, i.e. and Incident is created. 


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