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    RedSeal Systems Inc. provides security risk management solutions that give instant visibility into the threats that leave an open door to valuable company resources.RedSeal Security Risk Manager software provides instant visibility for shutting down IT security risk exposures  it maps the entire infrastructure, measures its relevant risk, and mitigates its exposure.Maps: RedSeal SRM automatically audits your entire network infrastructure including all network resources, security devices and hosts to compile an end-to-end and up-to-date map of these resources and their relationshipsMeasures: RedSeal SRM pinpoints which assets are exposed then assigns a risk value for meaningful measurementMitigates: RedSeal SRM prioritizes vulnerabilities that you need to find-and-fix before an exploit so you can mitigate your risk profiles and focus on the most important assets first



    Rosanna Pellegrino
    940 Stewart Drive Suite 101
    94085, CA  94085
    Phone: 630.250.0554

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