Support Boundaries: What is Supported and What is Not? Guidelines for SDE-Support Technicians to Determining the Limits of Support.

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk




      This is a working-document which tries to identify the support-boundaries of SDE-issues versus 3rd-party-issues.  
    The idea is to give a guideline for support technicians to determine quickly whether a customer-query is supported or not.   
      A general statement can be found at our BMC site: 
      Specifically for the SDE product the following areas are applicable:  
    Environment variables:  
    Please always refer to the latest HW and Software requirements - usually found in the Installation Guide shipping with the product.   
    Additional information like the current SW-Matrix are released by QA/DEV :    /kmspublish/18243.htm which help to determine supportability of a environment-platform.  
    Consider End-Of-Life Documentation :
      Quote 1: "Misuse and abuse is not covered under the support contract.    
    Network Associates reserves the right to withdraw support if tampering or modification of either the product   
    or the database is detected.  In some cases where modifications to the database are required, these shall be   
    done by Network Associates' qualified personnel.  Network Associates shall have no support obligation where tools   
    other than those supplied or approved by Network Associates have been used.  In addition, PrimeSupport is   
    not responsible for importing/exporting customer data, creation/modification of custom business rules or reports   
    of supporting custom modifications to the database or Active Server Pages."  
      Quote 2: "SDE-Support personnel will not help in cases such as "Help me to write my business rule which fires on some conditions!" , "I want to create a report with figures XYZ, how should I do that?" , "My SMTP email Gateway does not sent out SDE-Notifications, why not?" , "How can I bring my Oracle-personnel records across to SDE and can you help me to configure it" ; "My Oracle server with the SDE database shuts down unexpectedly, why?".  
      Are ASP changes supported?:
      Changing asp pages is not a supported option.  You would need to safeguard customised asp pages as it would be overwritten by any subsequent application of patchsets and upgrades to Magic (you would need to copy it back after).  Modifying an asp page could also have unwanted effects elsewhere in the product which cannot be supported by BMC Technical Support.


    Customisation of asp files is outside the scope of Technical Support.  However it is possible using our Professional Services who would be pleased to quote you for this work.  In this case any issues that arise would be supported by our team of consultants.  If you would like to explore this route please contact your sales representative.


    Business Rules Customization:

    SDE Technical Support is not able to write business rules but can provide examples that should help you to create the business rule you want.


    If one requires business rules to be written you need to contact BMC Professional Services team who can quote for this work. 
    In the first instance one should contact your BMC sales representative.

    If one writes his own advanced business rules but requires more information, then there are training courses available: Magic Service Desk Adminstering P2 is a great course for finding out a lot more about writing advanced business rules - again the BMC sales representative can help with information about signing on for these courses.


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