Why would an Integration Service Node (ISN) 9.5 display  "Unknown:0" in the BPPM CMA console?

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    ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    Integration Service Node (ISN) 9.5 is appearing as "Unknown:0" in BPPM CMA console 



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    In BPPM CMA console -> Servers accordion -> BPPM server -> under the ISN 9.5 which is showing as "Unknown:0" check if you have any Patrolagent 9.5 connected to the unknown ISN.


    If so, check the Patrolagent configuration on that particular patrolagent. Review the configuration done in the /AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices pconfig variable. You can use wpconfig, PATROL Configuration Manager (PCM) or 'pconfig +get' CLI to obtain value of that variable.


    The Agent could have been configured with a wrong ISN with IP like below:


    "/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices" = { REPLACE = "tcp:,tcp:myISN01.mydomain.com:3184" }


    After changing the variable to remove the wrong IP address as below the problem disappeared.


    "/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices" = { REPLACE = "tcp:myISN01.mydomain.com:3184" }


    If this is not your case, please check if the issue is in the BPPM Server side (for Linux BPPM Servers). Check the content of section "Integration Service displays as unknown on a Linux-based BMC ProactiveNet server" in Troubleshooting CMA link below:



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