Is it possible to monitor SFTP transfers in MainView for IP?

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    Is it possible to monitor SFTP transfers?

    MVIP gives us information about FTP transfers on the EZFTP view. We are also using SFTP (IBM ported tools OpenSSH), and the question is, can MVIP provide info about SFTP transfers in a similar way?



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    MVIP gets its data about FTP transfers from the IBM SMF records, via the Network Management Interface (NMI). We understand that the NMI does not support SFTP.

    MVIP will still display the connections for SFTP and the numbers of bytes in/out. We just won't have the SFTP-specific data that we display on the FTP views.

    We opened an ETR/PMR with IBM to ask about SFTP support. Here is an extract from that PMR:

    We confirmed with TCPIP LVL2.
    SFTP is a separate product from Communications Server. It does not use the Comm Server interface to write SMF records to TCPIP and then to SYSTCPSM clients. SFTP does cut SMF Type119 records with those subtypes 96, 97 and 98, but it does not support SYSTCPSM.

    So we cannot provide info about SFTP transfers, even though SMF119 records are written.

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