Does ARS support SAML and how to use integrate authentication alias?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    Does ARS support SAML and how ARS integrate authentication alias?

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    There is no native support to SAML from ARS.

    The "authentication alias" is supported by ARS to authenticate user and are you trying to implement a customized workflow or program that will send authenticate alias to ARS for authentications?

    You may also with to check BMC Remedy ARS C API Guide - Login and session information section for more information regards how Remedy API works with "authentication alias"

    We are aware that customers have developed their own API for SAML integration, but do not have their details.

    With regards to LDAP authentication, the customer used C/C++ API to implement their own integration method.


    In the API guide the authentication method has a parameter which presents the value of athentication alias. And ARS is a system which support athentication alias, there fore authenticating user in ARS via API with authentication alias is a feasible implementation.

    As this is considered customization this goes beyond the scope our support policy therefore we do not have much more details.

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