How to configure 'Availability Summary Report' for PING KM in TrueSight

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    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite 9.5 and higher , TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.x and 11.x


    How to configure 'Availability Summary Report' for PING KM in TrueSight.
    The report is configured through attribute set 'Availability Summary Report' but for PING KM the attribute set used 'Requested Received (%)' for capturing host availability.



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     The report is configured through the  attribute set 'Availability' and in the PING KM the value is captured as a Boolean value (0 and 1), which indicates the device is up or down. The availability report is designed to show availability as either 0 or 100 for up and down.


    The Attribute Set of Availability Summary Report for PING KM is 'Requested Received (%)' for monitor Type: Network Device. We used to select 'Availability' attribute for Availability Summary Report in the native monitor and change the attribute here in the PING KM which gets the data for Availability Report.


      There are two approaches to measure device availability using the Ping KM:
      - Availability parameter- Type Boolean. Indicate whether the device is up or down, device is up and running will encounter if at least one request was received.


      - Request received parameter- percentage, indicate how many requests were received in percentage (received requests/total requests send)

    Note : It's strongly recommended to use condensed data option instead of RAW data option to generate report for more than 1 day.


    How report calculation works for availability report:
    With Light Weight protocol KM BPPM and KM logic is different. In new light weight protocol KM we have introduced new parameter "Request Received". KM collect data in UP - 1 and Down - 0 where as BPPM understands UP - 100 and Down - 0. Request received parameter collect the value in % (o or 100).

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